Livin In The Sun

Escape, Dance, Free Yourself

NOV 11-13 2016

What Happens When You Take The Top Dj’s From Around The World And Drop Them On One The Planets Most Beautiful Private Islands?


Free Yourself in Anguilla

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Getting Here

Getting to Anguilla has never been this easy. Come by Air or Come By Sea.

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You Got To Eat

This is the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean. You won’t stay hungry.


Quick Info

How easy is it to get to Anguilla ?

The easiest and quickest way to get to Anguilla is to fly directly to St. Maarten Princess Julianna International Airport (SXM) and then take a 20 minute ferry ride or a 10 min plane ride to AXA. See more

Do I need a Visa to enter Anguilla?

Yes. For the latest information on Nationals requiring visas or Direct Airside Transit Visas to enter Anguilla please click here


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